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Best Practices for Sign Installation

When looking for a full-service sign company, they should follow basic guidelines when installing signage.

Survey the site thoroughly in advance

No matter if the sign is installed on the interior or exterior of the site, a survey of the surroundings is good practice to do.  This will offer a great visual of any objects or of how the  environment will be when the sign gets installed.

Always prepare and call ahead

Notify all parties involved to ensure everyone is on the page.  No one wants unexpected or unscheduled visits at a site, especially when supervision is required.

Keep to your appointed times

The best practice is arriving on time as it is courtesy and displays professionalism.  If you're unable to keep an appointment or unable to be on time, reach out and make phone calls to reschedule or communicate how much longer the wait time will be.

Dress for the job

Installers should always be prepared for physical work and dress for the job to look professional and to avoid injuries.

Introduce yourself

It is very professional and is common courtesy to identify yourself to your client upon arrival.  Providing a business card allows them to contact you if they have any questions.

Double check the layout and measurements. Installers should always check that the signage matches with the layout where the installation is taking place.

Installers should always check the measurements to make sure the signage will fit.

Installers should always check that the sign will be level and centered.

Keep it clean

Jobs will get messy but it is always necessary to keep the work area clean and free of any debris or tools upon completion.

n.Inspect and take photos

nInspect and take photosct if the sign as been installed correctly and take photos of the finished sign

Signs are an investment and maintenance should be performed throughout the lifetime of the sign.  San Francisco Sign Company can help repair and maintain the performance of the sign.

Get Results!

San Francisco Sign Company is a full-service sign business that provides design and installation for your signage needs. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote for your next project.

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