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Quick ways to maintain your business sign

Any sign will need to be maintained or repaired some time.  Exterior signs will experience the most wear-and-tear and/or damage.  Keep customers attracted to your business by taking care of your sign.

Your signage company that manufactured or installed your sign should be able to maintain it. In the event that they cannot provide these services, there are some quick ways to help maintain your sign.

Foundation protection

The foundation of your sign should be free of dirt buildup or standing water.  Check the nearby drainage for any clogs/blockage.  Prevent flooding by creating a trench to help direct flowing water away from your sign.

Provide shade over the sign

It may be an investment to build a roof over your sign to protect it from harsh weather conditions such as rain or heat.

Clean the signage

Depending on the type of your sign, it should be clean, inside and out, from debris, dirt, and insects.  Drainage holes made for water should not be covered.

Replace broken/burned-out lights

All lighting should be operable.  That means that all broken or burned-out lights should be replaced.

DIY with quality materials

Ensure to use high quality material if you're going to make any changes or repairs.  This will payoff in the long run.  If you do-it-yourself, plan to check your sign every so often to make sure your sign is operating appropriately.

If your current repair service company is not doing their job, give a call to San Francisco Sign Company to repair or maintain your signage. We will schedule to do a full analysis and provide an estimate for a repair, refurbishment, or a replacement.

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