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Plan your Wayfinding Signage Project to be On-Time and On-Budget

There are many elements when it comes to designing for wayfinding signs which takes time and money. Planning ahead allows you to have success in your wayfinding signage project.

· Have Less Decision Makers

When you have too many chefs in the kitchen, making decisions can be delayed in the cooking process. The more people involved in making decisions, the slower the process will go. You only need to involve those that are necessary to complete the project.

· Have a Primary Point of Contact

The primary point of contact should be the person that you will be communicating at all times that is dedicated and committed to making decisions. This eliminates the issues of phone/email tags, he said/she said, this other person told me this, etc.

Prepare the Details

Getting all the details such as what kind of sign, color, size, budget, deadlines, etc. will eliminate the frustration of back-and-forth communication, save money and save time.

Details to consider:

1. Goals/Purpose

2. Budget

3. Time frame for completion

4. Installation

5. Maintenance

Be Organized

Being organized helps keep the signage project in order and on track. Resources such as email networks and Microsoft tools help keep your emails and communications together and organized.

Get It Approved

A signage project can’t move forward if it doesn’t get approved. Having all the details down help with getting approvals from your management and the city.

Build a Timeline

Having a detailed plan truly helps with meeting deadlines but don’t sell yourself short. Allow some time in between for unexpected surprises and mistakes do happen. Also, there can be delays in manufacturing the signs, a delay in getting permits signed off, or weather bearing.

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